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I believe that the most powerful makers are those who never stop learning. Collaborative spaces offer a way for me to learn, grow and create in surprising ways.


My ideal artistic workspace contains a spirit of play, a deep personal and collective quest, a wild sense of daring, skill sharing, authenticity and vulnerability. It is a space where participants may be seen, heard, and respected, where productive dissonance is valued as central to creative activity and where we, the makers, can honor our success and our failures and commit to the necessary work that comes with being in right relationship with one another. 


It is a pleasure and gift to lead, co-lead, train in partnerships, and in general participate as part of a team of gifted artists and creatives. As a leader, my goal is to empower the group to define and care for our company process because the way we work and how we treat each other influences what we make. I take joy in co-creating spaces where we can speak our truths, trust our instincts, hash it out, listen, leverage limitation, and bring humor, curiosity and humility to the game.


As a director, I see myself as part guide, part provocateur. I aim to ignite to fuel a powerful opening, generate an atmosphere of razor sharp focus, strong precision, a spirit of adventure and a tangible sense of true connection within the ensemble. I see this word ensemble as a verb, an action, a thing we do with and for each other. How we ensemble is a fluid thing, shaped by the individuals involved. For me, it is a way of practicing an agile leadership that can navigate smoothly between group explorations and a clear, decisive guiding voice.


Ragged Wing Ensemble company retreat. 

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