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A woman is drawn to the edge of a river. She is ferried across to wed a man with a blue beard. The next morning he is gone. What remains is a key and a series of doors which she may open and one which she may not.


Inspired by the story of Bluebeard, OPEN is an original dark fairy tale that examines the process by which women (specifically, but not exclusively) are enculturated, civilized, and made appropriate for mass consumption. 


It asks the question: How are we complicit in our own dismemberment?





Forbidden Door
Severed Heads
The Key
Growing Wings
Washing Jane Jr.
Horses & Defaced
Blue Beard
Peddler and his jars
Infant King
Storm Horse
Dogma Centrale
It began with a beard
Junkyard Jane
Old Woman & Bird
dance of doors & key
Servant raising the water
Servants awaiting rain
Severed Limbs & First Head
The city burned
The Door Calls The Key
Dogma Centrale, Doctor, Nurse
Auntie's Finishing School
Getting Good
Good Young Ladies
Clerk & The Waiting Room
Fitting Room
get that carrot
crushed by the weight of the coin



Mekayla Blanck          Keith C. Davis   

Emlyn Guiney            Phil Wharton
Lisa Klein                 Maria Leigh
Erin Maxon               Cecilia Palmtag
David Stein               Lili Weckler


Live Music & Songs:   Jenny Holland

                              Tamara Roberts



Writer & Director:      Amy Sass

Assistant Director:     Keith C. Davis


Lighting Design:        Dan Weiermann


Costume Design:       Gray Morris

Costume Team:         Kathleen Beauchamp 

                              Austine Warren


Props & Puppetry:     Dax Tran-Caffee

Beard:                     Kathleen Beauchamp


Production Stage Manager:  

Natalia Kaminska-Palarczyk


Assistant Stage Manager:    Dax Tran-Caffee





Click images below to get expanded view. 

All Photos by Anna Kaminska 



A junkyard, a kind of obedience-cum-polishing school that makes housebroken pets of wild young ladies, a court of a true Infant King (but one with stubble and an occasionally knowing eye), a hospice that's an ice house for patients, and a kind of miniature, almost clockwork, hell, where the demons are indeed legion, and release the horses of the storm.


Open--and the way the ensemble plays it out--offers theatrical insight, imagination, innovation--kind of a pioneer spirit... and, most engagingly, charm. 

- Berkeley Daily Planet

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