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The Traveler's Inn

by Amy Sass

with special thanks to Mike Rosenbaum (carpentry mentor) & Keith Davis (lighting assistance) 




Inspired by the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, The Traveler's Inn was created for Ragged Wing Ensemble's site specific fall festival, Within The Wheel, 2012. Audience members encounter the Inn under a bridge in Live Oak Park after dark. They are invited to partake of a marvelous 'feast' by an eccentric Maitre D. Upon entering, the Travelers discover an opulent ambiance... a dining room table, candlelight, incense, and chamber music. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the meal laid out before them, a feast of body parts, words on plates, strawberries, chocolates, insense and other fruit, nuts and delectables.

Bon Voyage
Gone Fishing
Cold Cut
table top
Destination Reached
Out To Lunch
Best By Now
Certified Organic
Past Due
The End
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