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Sometimes it is those cataclysmic moments, the ones that damage us, alter us, and drive us toward our deepest maturity.


Grace has an unusual gift. She can heal a fallen bird with her hands. But when a visitor comes to stay the night, all of that changes. A random act of cruelty alters her future forever. With the loss of her hands, Grace must regain her will to live and her love of life. Based on the folktale, The Handless Maiden, HANDLESS explores the ways in which we heal ourselves. When faced with a violent act, how do we reclaim some faith in our future? 












Missing hands
Golden Pears
Sweetness has tooth
night visitor
Grace & Shine
They buried her hands
Silver hands
switching letters
Ben & Twig at market
the stone wall
Shine & Ash
trick cup
overfull plates
Piper keeps watch
Piper got kissed
Piper & Millie
Millie & Grace
New hands
The library
Grace & Lord Colin
Millie's monthly
Millie & Twig
Lord Colin
Axe & Shine
Lord Colin's room
Leisel & Grace
A pearl
first kiss
Grace & Leisel
The baby
Grace saves her baby
Dragon's Wake
Ash & Shine
Ash & Grace
Twig & Ash
curtain call



PHOTO GALLERY- Click image below to get expanded view.

All Photos by Aidan Fraser


February 25 – March 27th, 2010             Thurs - Sat @ 8 pm

Central Stage, Richmond CA



Annamarie MacLeod           Keith Davis    

Anna Shneiderman             Lauren Spencer

Aleph Ayin                         Sophia Sinsheimer       

Henry Kinder                     DiLecia Childress


Writer & Director:  Amy Sass          

Assistant Director:  Keith C. Davis

Producer:  Anna Shneiderman      

Production Management:  Linda Baumgardner
Stage Management:  Michelle Smith, Phil Ramey

Assistant Stage Management: Ebony Gordon, Kalid Alkaifee,     Omar McCullough

Lighting Board Operator:  Lance OʼDell


Set:  Plamena Milusheva

Costume:  Gray Morris
Lighting:  Dan Weiermann
Sound:  Aidan Fraser
Props:  Djuna Odegard
Poster Design:  Aidan Fraser

Poster Illustration:  Amy Sass
Set Painting:  Amy Sass, Keith C. Davis

"Ragged Wing has scored again with another original by Co-Founder Amy Sass… impressive ability to maintain the fantastic, sensitive atmosphere of such a tale, with touches of humor and creative anachronism… trees flying from the sky combine to evoke the daydream- like logic of intuition that many shows strive for without such a pleasing result."

- Berkeley Daily Planet


"A veritable odyssey: People move, time passes, space expands. Not only does Sass have to show an epic journey, she also has to fill the play with supernatural elements without relying on sight gags or pyrotechnics. Luckily, she's an extremely clever director. Sass' scenes are fast and dense — big things are revealed in little ways."

- East Bay Express



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