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Dance of Pregnant Bellies
Infinity in a teapot
Probably Potentially Maybe
She sent a letter
1 + 1 = 0
So many sperm options
Cosmic teapot
Empty Teapots, Empty Wombs
A forest of lists
The Best Dog
Her father called
Mathematics is so unkind copy.jpg
The Guru
Patty Cake Patty Cake
Dance Of The Pregnant Bellies
Dog humping
Grandmother dies into zero
Teapot Genies
Bibbety bobbety baby!



Annie Paladino    Anna Shneiderman

Addie Ulrey         Keith Davis

David Stein         Phil Wharton

Kate Kilbane



Writer & Director:        Amy Sass

Music & Lyrics             Kate Kilbane

Stage Manager:           Cecilia Palmtag
Costumes & Props:      Anya Kazimierski, Djuna Odegard
Production Manager:    Edna M. Barron


To see Bay Area One Acts interview with Writer/Director Amy Sass click here.


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P = Probability.   P = Pregnant.

Human population has exceeded 7 billion.


Inspired by real life interviews, Maybe Baby follows the stories of three women, each on the road to conception. Bound to a state of perpetual waiting, the potential mothers struggle to grasp the unseen forces at play. Delving into chaos theory, infinity and zero as a cosmic womb, Maybe Baby uses divination and teapots to explore the relationship between choice, chance and children.


Spring Tour 2012

Osher Studio, Berkeley Repertory Theater

Bay Area One Acts, SF

With a half dozen cheap teapots (“I’m a little teapot) they take on the weighty and conflicting to procreate in a world of 7 billion and growing. It has some extraordinary original music by Kate Kilbane, a cameo from a dog puppet that steals the show, and the choreography will make your mind swim.

- Berkeley Daily Planet



Written and directed by Amy Sass, Ragged Wing Ensemble's performance of Maybe Baby offers an imaginative look at how random possibility affects a woman's chances of getting pregnant. Filled with wit and imaginatively staged with a series of teacups as props, Maybe Babymerges nursery rhymes and quantum theory into a fresh artistic vision that is at once singular and delightful.

-Huffington Post



The standout piece in Program Two is Amy Sass’s Maybe Baby, produced by Ragged Wing Ensemble and directed by the playwright. This piece, based on real life interviews, explores the efforts of several young couples trying to start a family in the midst of various challenges. It is funny, authentic, well written and does a superb job of incorporating dance and movement into its storytelling.

- Theater Storm

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