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Our parents made some BIG mistakes. Can we break the cycle? Or are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of our predecessors? 


An original re-invention of the Oresteia, SO MANY WAYS busts open the inner lives of classic characters to explore the cycles of violence and vengeance in this notorious dysfunctional family. Featuring puppets and original songs. 




Amy Sass   

Anna Shneiderman 

Keith Davis


Writer: Amy Sass

Lyrics & Music: Anna Shneiderman 

                      Aidan Fraser

Lights & Sound: Aidan Fraser

Scenic tapestry: Mirit Markowitz

Puppets: Amy Sass, Anna Shneiderman

Set painting: Amy sass

Costumes: Djuna Odegard

Poster: Aidan Fraser, Amy Sass






PHOTO GALLERY- Click image below to get expanded view. 

All Photos by Aidan Fraser 



heads on plates
human touch
Agamemnon home from war
The ship's hold
Song & dance
Clytaemnestra & Artemis
Chrysothemis, Elektra, Orestes
Clytaemnestra & Cassie
Agamemnon & Cassandra
Agamemnon & Clytaemnestra
Aggie's death
death kiss
Cassandra blames Apollo
Orestes loses
So Many Ways
Daily News
take the dagger
Stitching the blood
Now I got this seed in here
Elektra & Orestes

"Director, actor and scriptwriter Amy Sass's Clytemnestra is as fierce as she is seductive... The oft-poetic dialogue has an edgy vein of modern cheekiness... a minimalist albeit intense and well-performed show punctuated by moments of effortless poetry and wit."

- Daily Californian



"Sass uses the Trojan War as a backdrop for a script that's actually about sex, gender, and power. She brings depth and complexity to the three principal characters. A lot of the play's success owes to Sass' ability to work in threes... There's an odd symmetry between the wicked queen and her rival Cassandra, who has the opposite temperament… The women's tense relationship is best encapsulated in the moment that Clytemnestra tenderly kisses Cassandra, while sticking a knife in her back."

-East Bay Express 

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