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Amy Sass is a playwright, director, teacher, visual artist, and performer. She is Founding Artistic Director of Ragged Wing Ensemble and has been involved in every company production, immersive event, and program since its inception in 2004.


Known for her insatiable hunger for creative practice, she challenges teams of artists and innovators to leap together into the unknown. For more than 20 years, she has dedicated every inch of her life to the study and practice of ensemble. The creator of FIERCE PLAY, a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to collaboration, story building and content generation, Amy regularly teaches workshops, leads retreats and provides creative consultancies to artists and institutions. As Co-founder of The Flight Deck, a multidisciplinary performance venue, she is dedicated to co-creating equitable creative spaces.


As an artist, Amy is known to push the edge through form and content. A lover of spectacle, she brings her visual artist's eye to the stage, creating mythic worlds and contemporary folktales, combining bold tactile elements with adventurous choreography and dramatic storytelling.

In all her endeavors, Amy works from the gut, using theater and art as vehicles for healing, empowerment and social change.

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